Us sheep grazingly strut our arts and crafts faultlessly. We love each other for the assets we are to the team, but also for the great mix of personalities. We are a work-team, but a workday often feels like spending the day with friends. An extremely cheezy thing to say, we realize that, but come have a look and you'll find that's just TRUE. 

We are proud of our team and the team is often proud of themselves.

Yes. Sometimes we are cocky, sometimes we are annoying, sometimes we are weird and sometimes we are serious.

But, most of all: WE ARE TWISTED.



Talents: Concepting, Illustrating, Character design, Graphic design, Webdesign, Package design, Creative writing, Project management
Got so many hahahaha! I started my career as a package designer, but soon after I met Sjeng, I became a freelancer. Because of this, I had to become an all round designer; specializing in an illustrative style. I love the art of concepting and realizing those out-there ideas. Together with my team this has become a LOT easier. 

Favourite color scheme:
Hmmm, I think the hue of the rainbow is my favourite. Or, the color spectrum radiated by a thick drip of oil when its hit by light. Come to think of it, that's kind of a  rainbow on black as well. So yeah. Rainbows all over! 

I have many different music styles, but lean towards music with singing guitars and wailing women, like Florence and the Machine. When I go dancing, I like a more hardstyle beat or maybe even some Tekno. As long as its fast and loud! 

Perfect day:
I wake up around 10:00, get a cup of coffee with about three cigarettes. I'll do some illustrations or a 10K run. After that I persuade my hubby, Sjeng, to hit the town to do some shopping and to 'just' have lunch. After a succesful shopping spree we decide to drink 'just one cocktail' to end the day. This soon becomes 8+ cocktails and around eight o' clock we get hangry. We eat some 'culinary' fastfood or sushi and drink some more beer. Spontaniously we decide we must show off our new gear to the world and hurry to the restaurant bathroom to change. We go dirty dancing in any club. At four I get really tired and demand McDonalds before a cab driver takes us home. 

Favourite project made by Twisted Stranger:
Oef! So many! I'm proud of all we can achieve. But my fantasy goes most wild with 13 Monsters. It's drawn and coloured with techniques I came up with and, next to the highly illustrative style, I can also let loose with sales, marketing and campaigns. It's an overall totally kewl project! 

I would love to make:  
A graphic Novel is one on my list. An international campaign for a fashion brand. A real life commercial on t.v (yeah I'm oldskool like that). A total make over of a house. My dreams are endless! 

I would love to make:  
A graphic Novel is one on my list. An international campaign for a fashion brand. A real life commercial on TV (yeah I'm oldskool like that). A total make over of a house. My dreams are endless! 




Talents: Creative coding, Web development, Concepting, Software development, Creative writing, HTML + CSS, Javascript, PHP, Project management
Oof, that's a tough one. What is talent besides a return on some time investment? I've put most of my [hours/talents] in the awesome PowerMuffin. A comepletely online webdesign tool that powers everything we build, made for designers, usable by anyone. I'm also a pretty good baker!


Whatever the day decides. I usually switch between any genre imaginable, I become a die-hard vaporwave addict and regret my decisions a week later. Current favs. are The Midnight, INCUBO, Jamie xx, SOPHIE (great for creating [glitch] effects to) for programming and any George Clanton soundtrack when writing. Oh, and good ol’ Vanessa Carlton for any other occasion!

Perfect day:

My perfect day starts out with the sound of my one and only brewing a cup of coffee. He grunts and takes it upstairs while I turn on Youtube on the tv and spend a couple of hours watching lists, movie dubs and Trixie and Katya. After that we’ll go ‘[shopping/day-drinking]’.

Favourite color scheme:
#efefef, #ccc, #ececec, #ffdf03

Favourite project made by Twisted Stranger:
13 Monsters. Definitely! The very first idea for the game came on vacation where we decided to double-up on our favorite memory game. Seeing this concept actually come to life fills me with pride and really brought our team together.

I would love to make: 
I’m already doing it! I’ve tried to tell stories in different ways, to no avail. But for 13 Monsters I finally discovered that I’m a pretty good writer. So I set about to impress by writing a segment of the 13 Monsters Saga graphic novels. If we ever get to producing an animated feature, I’ll die a happy guy!




Talents: Illustrating, Character design, 3D productdesign, Graphic design, Webdesign, Package design, Project management
Mooie beelden maken. Hoewel er meer is, is dit iets waar ik echt van geniet en waar ik behoorlijk goed in ben. Hoe doe ik dat? Ik teken. Ik teken veel en met zoveel mogelijk kleuren, lagen en tinten. Ik vind het geweldig als ik alles kan doen. Maar er is ook schoonheid in eenvoud. Ik zeg niet less is more, maar het is nog moeilijker en uitdagender als je maar één kleurtint kunt gebruiken of niet alle details volledig kunt gebruiken. Mijn absolute nummer één software is Illustrator. Ik weet niet wat ik zonder zou doen. Van simpele tot extravagante kunst, het geeft me alles wat ik wil. Daarnaast ken ik mijn weg in 3D-software. Hierdoor kunnen we onze eigen producten, verpakkingen en mock-ups opbouwen om alles visueel tot leven te brengen.

Favourite color scheme: 
This is a hard one. Should a designer have a favourite and isn't that dangerous? Hahaha. I have a weird sense for colour to be honest. My dad is colourblind, while this has nothing to do with me, I might have picked up my weird colour sense from him. I enjoy colours that pop, and I like darkness. Bright colours that go very well on black. Neon pink is awesome on black. That works for blue or black on white as well. I'm trying to imagine if there is something I really enjoy above all, but it really depends on my mood and the things I'm looking at. Popping and gloomy art are my favorites. How's that for a color?

I love extremes, and the music that stole my heart years ago is Death metal (oh so romantic). To be more specific, the style that started it all in the late 80ies/early 90ies, now usually referred to as Old School. To an outsider this music stands for death, destruction and negativity. For me it's the opposite. Itbrings a smile to my face, gets my blood pumping and sets me in a good mood. I can literally listen to Death metal all day everyday. The chugging guitars, the roaring vocals, yeah baby! Does it affect me as an artist? Yes and no. I enjoy the gloomy side of art, but I made a choice years ago I wanted to do art beyond my own personal preferences and how great is it that you can adapt multiple styles? I do feel a lot of art fits a certain type of music, especially for younger generations. And I like to believe I'm capable
of designing or adapting every style possible. If you set your mind to it, you are able to.
Perfect day:
Next level perfect would be: Sleeping in, drink a large cup of fresh ground coffee with a perfect eggs Benedict with extra bacon on the side after waking up. Drawing up some art while listening to new vinyl records that have just arrived. Go out to the old location of the Fenix Food Factory to see what new beers they have on draft. Try the new ones we don't know yet and sip them at the water side. Have dinner at a majestic place in Iceland, Pakhus in Hofn (Hey, It's just a fantasy right) and end the day at the best festival ever, KTDF in Copenhagen, surrounded by friends and my beautiful wife.

Favourite project made by Twisted Stranger:
My absolute favourite is 13 monsters. We have done so many  cool projects through the years,  and I got to experience them all. It's always hard to pick a favourite, but 13 Monsters has it all. From first idea/ rough sketches to final product. From concepting the monsters and their weapons and armour to the whole kickstarter ordeal. Man it was a wild ride, but we pulled it off, together, with our own strength. The moment you are holding the final product in your hands, magical! The best side of the whole projects remains to be able to do your own illustrations the way you like and envision it. This is where we shine.

I would love to make: 
Phew, we have covered a lot of ground already.
Would love to design our own range of toys. Think out our own designed characters, turned into actual 3D toys and ideally with it's own cartoon / animation to go with it.
A series of app games. Create our own, or do a spin off on bubble shooter, puzzle games etc. Would still like it if we can give those games to children that are in the hospital. They are bedridden and bored. And we can make their stay a bit more fun with this.
Design characters and graphics for a high end console game. Think a beautiful PS/Xbox game
Create a graphic novel. Although the plans are there, it still needs execution, so yeah i'm just putting it on there haha!




Talents: Marketing, Sales, Creative writing, Copy writing, Social media, Campaigns, Concepting, Video editing, Animation
Textwriting, video-editing, generating social media engagement, spewing ideas, and ocasionally, brewing beers.

Favourite color scheme:
Probably boring and grey-mouse-y compared to the TS-realm of colours. But basic blue, grey and darkgreen colours are my jam.. Their soothing and calming qualities pleasing my eyes. Not that I’m chaotic per se, but HEY! YOU ASKED FOR MY FAVS.

A funky mix of deephouse, techno, retro pop and classic rock, with a hint of country. I listen A LOT of music. Looking at the numbers, last year I averaged in on listening to about 50 songs a day.

Perfect day:
I’d wake up at 09.00 and have a homemade cappuccino on the balcony as the morning sun slowly chases out the night’s cold. Peaceful..
I’d go for a run or hit the gym and after I'd have lunch with my girlfriend. Now being into town, we'd drive around the beutiful city of Utrecht a bit. Shop and stop for weird craft beers before sitting down in one of the city-parks. Here, friends join. We drink, laugh and smoke until the sun sets. Then I’d either go home contently, or prolong this great day by going to a party.
(Now that I've read Steven is even going to a festival, I want to go to one too! Lowlands preferably.)

Favourite project made by Twisted Stranger:
13 Monsters, of course. Showcasing the skills that house between the walls of the Twisted Stranger-offices, 13 Monsters is incredibly versatile. New ways of expanding the brand constantly arise amongst the team. Of which, several ideas already went into production or gained a prominent place on the drawing board. Exciting to see where that goes! 

Very curious to see where we will bring this brand and where, in turn, it will bring us.

I would love to make:  
... a successful brand out of 13 Monsters. New lines of products, expansions, merch, etc..
A bestselling novel-series.
A Graphic Novel that inspires a Netflix original film, co-produced by us.
More video-heavy projects for clients (the more vague the request, the better. We’ll think of something awesome).




Talents: HTML, CSS, Coding, Social Media campaigns, creative conceptor, drone flyer and video editor
Favourite color scheme:
#323232 , #ffffff, #ff1744, #2979ff

Hip Hop, Syntheziser instrumental, Reggae and Reggaeton

Perfect day:
I wake up in the morning, do some exercise or go for a run, turn on my computer at home, check my to-do list, and work for a few hours. Then go out with my lady and just hang out. We love eating outside, taking rides in our cool Honda Civic Type R GT or just chilling out. In the evening good food with the fam, some online gaming, watching a movie or doing some self-development. I wouldn't work for 8 full hours because the ultimate goal would be to finish it in less ;-).

Don't work for money, let the money work for you.
So: work smart, not hard!

Favourite project made by Twisted Stranger:
13 Monsters. By far. It’s our own project/product and gives us a lot of energy and inspiration. Best time, so far, was attending the Spiel '19-event with the game.

I would love to make: 
An online game (Unity 3, HTML5) that isn't only fun to play. Of course it is, because you meet new people or play with your friends, but it should also make money to expand our game brand. It would be cool to make expansion packs and/or new games. It could even be learning-games for kids with learning problems (that way we contribute something to the community).
This would make us an independent self-sufficient company even more.

Bucket list:
- Improve as developer
- Making CSS animations
- Learning how to make graphics in illustrator
- Make video's or edit them in After Effects



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